Version 4.01 Released
As promised last thursday, w.bloggar v4.01 is now released with UTF-8 support and working with again, however I have to inform to users that Google has disabled the 2.0 API so post titles is not available. I will be working to implement the new Google Data API so you will not only be able to post with titles but with all new features, for example tags.

To enable UTF-8 support just edit your Account Options (press F10) and mark the UTF-8 checkbox.

Check here the change log since the last release:

*** Release v4.01.0195 *** 21/10/2007 *** Version 4.01
ADDED….: Support to page code UTF-8 (Unicode) to send and get posts and categories;
ADDED….: Support to new CMS tool: Community Server;
CHANGED..: Updated Drupal features support;
CORRECTED: Update Blogger API server and downgraded API to 1.0;
CORRECTED: Preview now ignores CSS field when was not changed by the user;
CORRECTED: Loading posts now correctly uses the custom CMS tags;

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