7 Ideas For Accessing Working Capital

It’s an unfortunate fact that many good businesses can’t get to the next level due to insufficient working capital. If this includes your business, then here are seven ideas on how to get more working capital…

Working capital loans

One of the fastest and easiest ways to raise the money is to look into working capital loans for your business. There are now many different lenders offering these type of loans, which means you don’t need a perfect credit score to get accepted.

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Negotiate with suppliers

Another way to free up cash and get more working capital is to negotiate with your suppliers. For example, you might be able to agree on a better deal, or even get a longer credit period so you have more time to pay them.This s a tactic that can be used by businesses large & small as seen by the success achieved by companies like Proclean end of tenancy cleaning Glasgow

Reduce employment costs

There is no denying that employment costs can put a serious financial dent in any business. With this in mind, you should give serious thought to your current employment costs, and look for ways that you can efficiently trim them down so you can free up more working capital.

Approach a bank

If you have a long standing relationship with a particular bank, then this could be a good way to secure more working capital. There are many different options available, such a personal loans, loans that need collateral, overdrafts, and mortgages, so you should contact them right away to see what kind of borrowing would be a good fit for your business.

Equipment costs

Many businesses make the mistake of buying expensive equipment that is barely ever used. Instead, it can usually work out a lot cheaper if you lease as an alternative to buying. This will then free up working capital to invest in more important areas of your business.

Get a good accountant

In order to free up working capital, it’s a smart idea to get a good accountant who is experienced in dealing with your particular industry. They will be able to advise you on many different areas, such as how to reduce costs, change your business structure, and ultimately pay less tax.

Public funding

While not available to every business, public funding can be a great way to secure extra working capital. The best way forward in this kind of situation, is to speak with a grant adviser who can then supply you with more information about public funding and explain in more detail the different options which are available to you.