How to Post to Blogger and Finally UTF-8 Version!
Dear Users,

I’m not dead, as you can notice, neither this project!!

I finally discovered a way to fix the problem posting to Blogger blogs, thank’s to Santosh Mishra from India.

He discovered that Google has not closed the API running on server so please follow his instructions for a new account or simply :

1) Click on your account name on the status bar
2) Change Blog Tool to “(Custom)”
3) Change Host to:
4) Click OK

I will release until sunday (21-oct) a new version of w.bloggar with (finally) UTF-8 support, and will correct the cms.ini to point Blogger to the server.

Stay Tuned!

Version 4.01 Released
As promised last thursday, w.bloggar v4.01 is now released with UTF-8 support and working with again, however I have to inform to users that Google has disabled the 2.0 API so post titles is not available. I will be working to implement the new Google Data API so you will not only be able to post with titles but with all new features, for example tags.

To enable UTF-8 support just edit your Account Options (press F10) and mark the UTF-8 checkbox.

Check here the change log since the last release:

*** Release v4.01.0195 *** 21/10/2007 *** Version 4.01
ADDED….: Support to page code UTF-8 (Unicode) to send and get posts and categories;
ADDED….: Support to new CMS tool: Community Server;
CHANGED..: Updated Drupal features support;
CORRECTED: Update Blogger API server and downgraded API to 1.0;
CORRECTED: Preview now ignores CSS field when was not changed by the user;
CORRECTED: Loading posts now correctly uses the custom CMS tags;

Version 4.02 Released
Just one week and here we are again with w.bloggar new version. It’s not only a bug fix release, it brings a great new feature long waited by the users (including myself) the File Upload using the blog API, so you don’t have to configure any FTP settings to upload your images, now it’s simply one click to upload. Currently the following tools and services supports this feature:

Nucleus CMS
Community Server
BlogEngine.NET New!

To use this new feature just click the Upload File button on the toolbar or press CTRL+D.

Check here the full change log since the last release:

*** Release v4.02.0197 *** 28/10/2007 *** Version 4.02
ADDED….: Support to new CMS tool: BlogEngine.NET;
ADDED….: Support to Upload images and files using API with: WordPress, MovableType, TypePad, Drupal, b2evolution, Nucleus CMS, Squarespace, Community Server and BlogEngine.NET;
ADDED….: Option to select UTF-8 during the Add Account wizard;
CHANGED..: Link to download Media Player plugin now opens w.bloggar download page;
CHANGED..: CMS.INI settings now are more detailed to support better tools API implementations;
CHANGED..: Re-checked all tools and services to update and enhance the support for them;
CORRECTED: Empty Post alert message now checks also Extended and Excerpt fields;
CORRECTED: Corrected the UTF-8 support for publishing posts with categories;
CORRECTED: Several API bugs and omissions were fixed;

How To Get Rid Of A Loan Smartly

Loans include personal loans, education loans, car loans or credit card loans (the most expensive one of course!). But irrespective of its nature or stringency, a loan is a matter of concern. The faster it is paid off, the better it is for mental well-being. Snowballing a loan over an existing often leads to poor financial conditions. Hence here are some easy ways you can consider in order to get rid of a loan




Drafting A Financial Plan

The first step you must take when you are in a hurry to pay off loans is to relax. Relax and consider with a calm mind how you can arrange your finances to the best of your ability. Draft your financial plan. Jot down few important points as follows:

·         Salary, taxes, bonus and other incentives.

·         The fixed expenses that you have to bear every month like rent, water bill, electricity bill and internet bill.

·         Now coin your variable expenses. Try to make a reduction on that front.

·         Consider all the luxurious expenses you are planning. Put a stop to that.

After taking the above points into consideration approximate your finances and draft your savings. Question yourself about your savings and your possible savings amount if structural plans like cutting down variable expenses are followed. Thus prepare a planner which will enable you to assess your financial capacity. Now consider your options of loan repayment from your savings keeping all investments and insurance policies in mind. Drafting a financial plan will help repay your loans in a steadfast and secure manner.

It is also important to keep in mind that it is only if you repay our existing loan with good credits, you will be qualifying for a loan when you need next.

Organizing Your Monetary Assets and Opting For Payment via Instalments

Loans of personal nature like home loans, car loans or any other debt bonds usually bear a high-interest amount with them. Thus in order to pay off such loans, proper organization of monetary assets is required. Maintain a documentation of all your loans in a proper manner and consider your financial scenario. This will give you a clear conception of the options you can consider. One of the most feasible options is contacting your lender bank and considering the EMI option. If you pay off your loans on monthly basis, then the principle for the upcoming payment reduces bringing down the interest amount. Thus the installment-based payment model will but relatively less pressure financially than paying a huge amount at once. Moreover, managing finances will be easier if this option is considered.

Convert Existing Loans To A More Secure Option

The loan of an insecure type which demands high-interest rates should first be converted to a secure option. Securing a loan is a risky business, but easier to pay off within a short duration. You can consider securing the loan against your car or other assets that are financially in a stable position. This conversion will allow you to reduce your interest rate to a flexible amount. You can extend the tenure by coaxing your lender tactfully. This will enable you to either manage your finances or pay off the loan at once or you can also pay it off on a monthly basis. The negative side of secure loans can arise during an emergency period when there is a sudden requirement of money. Thus a borrower must always assess the entire situation before considering the conversion. An individual should be assessing the scenario based largely on the financial situation and the ability to repay a loan.