How People In Finance Can Expand Their Reach By Blogging

Those working in the financial sector are always looking for new ways to expand their reach and promote themselves as industry professionals. This exposure can be very useful in building your resume and making valuable new industry connections. Financial superstars like Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch have long known the value of using online platforms to expand their audience and gain exposure. Whether you’re an industry veteran or completely green, blogging can be a great way to build yourself up. Here are some tips on how those in finance can successfully enhance their professional resume by blogging.

Create A Blog That Is Simple, Sleek And Professional

If you’re going to be blogging about finance, then you don’t want a website layout that is cartoonish or juvenile. Instead, you want your blog to have a sleek and professional appearance. Go with templates that have simple black and white color schemes. Imagery should be simple, refined and upscale. Don’t even bother with anything flashy or distracting. Strive to resemble great simple designs, such as those used by the New York Times or Investor’s Business Daily.

Talk About What You Know

People gravitate towards bloggers who are eager to share what they know without asking for anything in return. If you have a wealth of information to share about the financial industry, then share it. You don’t have to post everyday. At the beginning, just set a goal of posting at least once a week. However, you can post more if there is a big industry breaking news story that you would like to offer your valuable perspective on.

Use Social Media To Promote Your Blog

Twitter and Facebook aren’t just for teenagers who want to chat and laugh. Rather, they are valuable tools that can help bloggers to gain new followers and build their audience. Use social media to promote your blog and to share your most valuable posts with your followers.

Blog With Your Real Name, Not A Pseudonym Or Screen Name

Use your real name when you blog. Remember, this blog is supposed to advance you as an expert in the finance industry. It’s a good idea to even include a photo of yourself and a link to your LinkedIn page. You want this blog to be one of the first things that pops up when someone searches for you in a search engine like Google or Yahoo.

Think Of Yourself As A Public Figure

Once you’re blogging under your real name, you become somewhat of a public figure. This is why it’s crucial that you keep your behavior professional online and only blog or Tweet things that you’re prepared to stand behind. The more you’re aware of how you come off to your audience, the better of a blogger and a public figure that you’ll be.

Enjoy The Process

Blogging is a great way for those in the finance industry to truly cultivate a powerful resume and establish themselves as an authority in the field. Enjoy the process of establishing an online presence, even if you feel like you’re just talking to yourself at the beginning of the journey. If you’re persistent and stick with your new online efforts, it will pay off in the long run.

Bloggers who stick with their finance blog can reap truly wonderful rewards. Many blogs end up being financially lucrative down the road, with offers for sponsorship and ad revenue a very real possibility. If you share what you know and post consistently, people will eventually start coming to your blog routinely in the search for valuable finance industry news and advice.